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AMC Plans

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

We establish to service and keep your air conditioner in good quality running condition in Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

Types of AMC

• Ordinary Annual Maintenance Contract (OAMC)
• Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC)
• With Compressor
• Without Compressor - Compressor does not come under free repair / replacement.

Benifits & futures of contract

1. Any break call will be attended with instant response on normal working hours.
2. Systematic check of all elecrical parts compressor & fan motor etc.
3. Cleaning of air filter & unit.
4. Cleaning of cooling coil & condensor coil etc.
5. Oiling / Lubrication the fan motor.
6. Checking overall performance and current consumptions.
7. Details report of the A/C unit will be complete and will be handover to customer for their reference.
8. Servicing Air Conditioners Unit will be on Monthly / Alternate Monthly and Quarterly Basis as per Customer desires